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Natural fibres, environmentally friendly, anti-fast fashion - trends that are current now have always been at the heart of our philosophy at Sparkles the Dog. 

At our inception in 2006, there were only options of polyester and acrylic clothing for small dogs. Our founder and Creative Director Catherine Young decided to create the perfect sweater for her new bichon frise/miniature poodle, Sparkles. Like all parents with their newborn, she wanted the best for him and as a result, 'Sparkles the Dog' was created to produce natural, beautiful dog wear for a market that didn't even exist. 

“Natural, well made garments and stylish petwear shouldn't be mutually exclusive terms" says Young. The brand's philosophy of buying once and buying well has attracted a slew of global admirers including celebrities Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford and international Fashion Editors. The brand’s products have appeared in international fashion magazines including Japan Vogue, UK Town and Country, Italia Glamour, Korea W and Air New Zealand’s Kia Ora. 

Since then, we have only used natural fibres; pure wool, mulesing free mohair, organic cotton and leather for our special pieces. 

Our merino wool can be traced back to our merino right back to its New Zealand source farms, our mohair has mulesing free declaration certification and our organic cotton are supplied from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) companies; a certification that stands for ecology and social responsibility.

Our range of natural merino sweaters, sweatshirts, tees, cotton bandannas and leather collars are not only good for pooches (as it is natural and breathable; unlike acrylics which create static and in turn can make the dog jumpy), but also for the environment. These products are designed to last a number of seasons; if not for the entire life of your pet. But when the time comes to retire these products, it is with the knowledge that these products will safely bio-degrade into our environment - and not stick around for 30 or more years in landfill. 

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