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About us

SPARKLES THE DOG is a leading dog apparel and accessories brand, offering a range of premium dog apparel and accessories for even the most discerning four legged customers.

We are inspired by the beauty of the New Zealand environment and are proud to bring you products that leave the lightest footprint on the planet when sourcing and producing these unique items for you. Our designs are driven by our desire to see our four legged friends stylish, contemporary and comfortable.

Launched in New Zealand December 2006, Sparkles the Dog has a worldwide audience that includes New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles.

Our Sparkles World has celebrity fans including Cindy Crawford, and supermodels Gail Elliott and Elle Macpherson. We have been covered in the pages of Australian and Nippon (Japan) Vogue, and numerous New Zealand television, newspapers and magazines.

SPARKLES THE DOG employs a small team to create and design samples that are then able to be manufactured in commercial quantities - whilst retaining the look, feel and charm of the original hand knitted creations. 

Our talented staff have had decades of experience and their dedication to exceptional handiwork and technical expertise is critical to the company's vision of producing premium products.

For all non-knitted items and products in our range, we use local New Zealand manufacturers who have technical expertise in their fields to produce premium products with integrity and care.

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